Cigars: A Growing Trend Among Women

If you asked the marketing department of a major tobacco brand to create a cigar for women, what they would produce would look and smoke differently than what men typically enjoy. Surprisingly, approximately one in five cigar smokers is a woman. This statistic is indicative of the growing trend of women smoking cigars, and it's important to understand why this is happening. It's true that there are a lot of misconceptions about the tobacco industry.

For example, cigarettes have been described for years as a “manly” or “old man's” hobby. Cigars were generally only smoked by men and were considered an activity that men could do with their male friends. One of the main reasons why more women are seen smoking cigars is because they discover them on their own terms, without any preconceived ideas on the part of society or the pressure of boys at school, who may not approve of girls smoking cigarettes. Since the middle of the last century, more women than ever before have become cigar smokers, leading to the development of many new products specifically aimed at women.

Women can now find products such as flavored cigars (think chocolate and vanilla). Women's interest in cigars has also led to a new wave of innovation and creativity in the tobacco industry. Nowadays, more and more women are discovering that cigars can be delicious. Cigarettes are no longer just for special occasions, women come to them as a form of relaxation.

Women no longer want to feel out of place in a smoking lounge or worry about being treated differently by smoking cigars. Women accept the experience and smoke it regularly. More and more women are enjoying cigarettes in their own way. More and more women are discovering the charm of cigars, and some are even starting to enjoy them outside the tobacco industry. Taking into account everything that has been said above, it is clear that cigars are here to stay and, for my part, I look forward to seeing how this industry will change and prove its worth in the coming years.

Other famous female cigar smokers include Beyoncé, the Kardashians, Ciara, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez. The rise of social networks has also led to a greater interest in smoking cigars, and many popular cigar fans have taken center stage. I hope to see cigarette sellers accept the idea that women who smoke cigars like pretty much the same things that men like. People commonly associated with smoking include people like Winston Churchill, Fidel Castro and JFK, and women are rarely on the list of the most famous cigar smokers. The difference between feeling pressured to smoke cigars and being encouraged to smoke cigars is very real and makes a big difference.

Many women enjoy being with other women in social settings, so they like to smoke cigars. Like any cigar enthusiast with a magazine subscription and a brain, I am aware of the gender bias inherent in the cigar press. The other flavored cigars are an insult when you realize that women have better trained skills to detect a wider range of flavors than men. All the women I ordered cigar sticks from mentioned this as a favorite for other women to be interested in cigars. To fully access the rich flavor and aroma offered by fine cigars, it is essential to know how to cut a cigar and how to ignite it correctly. For those who think that flavored cigars aren't pure at all, let's remember that the best way to scare a person who doesn't smoke tobacco forever is to insist that they dive headlong: let them dip their toes into the pool and feel the water.

More and more women started smoking cigars; however, in places like the United Kingdom and the United States, where smoking cigars was not conventional, those who chose to smoke were seen as feminists and rebels. There are women at every stage of cigar manufacturing, from growing and harvesting tobacco in the field to the processes of bundling, rolling and packaging premium cigars in the factory.