Smoking Clubs and Organizations for Women Cigar Smokers

Are you a woman who loves to smoke cigars? If so, you're not alone. Statistics show that there are 3.2 million women who enjoy cigars, and many of them have formed their own clubs and organizations. From Lashes and Ashes in Lakeland, Florida to Les Amis du Cigar in California, there are plenty of places for women cigar smokers to gather and enjoy their passion. Givan Tabibian, the owner of the Remi restaurant in Santa Monica, California, started out with simple cigar dinners in 1992. He soon realized that his was one of the few places where people could smoke in the city.

To get around the public smoking restrictions, he created private rooms for cigar smokers. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a group of women formed their own group of smokers at their favorite tobacco shop (Cigar Life). In Nashville, USA. UU., The WiCC (Women in Cigar Culture) was born out of the convenience and shrewd business sense of one woman.

Half a continent away, in Brooklyn, USA. UU., The George Sand Society was created for men and women cigar smokers. In Havana, Cuba, Sachie Hernández and Sandra Pérez organized a tasting—of dishes, works of art, hand-rolled and unbranded cigars—at Arsenal Habana. With live music, typical Cuban cocktails and culinary creations by Sarah herself and good cigars, the participants were able to appreciate the work of young Cuban artists.

The Baccarat Club in London is another popular spot for cigar smokers. According to Williams, it's even possible that there are more women smoking cigars at the Baccarat Club than men. If you're looking for a way to smoke even more cigars (although you'll still have to buy them), you can become a member of the Cigar Connoisseurs board of directors. This organization offers exclusive smoking associations for men and women who want to enjoy their cigars in a relaxed atmosphere.

Another option is to join a national chain of smokers' clubs. Milleson hopes that this will generate friendships among travelers who visit clubs outside the city. Everyone selects a cigar from the box in the center of the table and takes it to their nose, knowing that the look, feel and smell of a cigar can give an idea of its quality. SOTL Global Movement (SGM) and Light 'Em Up have established a strategic partnership that will promote women-friendly smoking lounges around the world. This collaboration places women-friendly smoking rooms on a map with a special label to give them greater visibility within the growing Light 'Em Up community. Rather than being discouraged by anti-smoking hysteria that is spreading across the country, more and more cigar smokers are joining together in reaction to it.

This has led to friendships and smoking camps forming all over the world. If you're looking for a place to smoke with your friends or just want to find out more about cigar smoking clubs and organizations for women, there are plenty of options available. From Les Amis du Cigar in California to The George Sand Society in Brooklyn, USA. UU., There are plenty of places where you can enjoy your passion for cigars.