What to Wear When Smoking a Cigar

No, what you're missing is a smoking jacket. Crafted with delicacy and made of sumptuous silk or velvet, the smoking jacket is a symbol of cigars that smoke well: decadent, opulent and a little loud. When it's too cold to comfortably smoke a cigar outdoors, many people flock to local smokers' lounges. These establishments are a bit like cigar smoking bars.

People enjoy social camaraderie while smoking their cigars indoors. The only drawback is that the concentration of smoke inside tends to cause smoke to remain on clothes in a way that doesn't happen when you enjoy smoking outdoors. This is the reason why some people invest in a smoking jacket. It doesn't have to be anything formal, if you have a jacket or hoodie that you can store in the trunk of the car, you can put it over your clothes when you smoke a cigar indoors.

You can also choose a pair of jeans or pants to wear every time you smoke indoors. Another traditional option for using cigars is the classic guayabera. Its main advantage as a smoking costume is that it has huge cargo pockets (usually on the front) and, yes, it comes from Cuba. As such, it's a lightweight, informally fitted shirt.

An identifying feature are the details of the fabric, which are usually flamboyant. However, since most of them come in short sleeves, they don't qualify like the overshirt that Baron Ricky wore. A smoking jacket is a garment, similar to a robe or a long blazer, that is placed over clothing while smoking. Smoking jackets have been around for centuries.

Nowadays, they are most commonly associated with the playboy image of Hugh Hefner, who is perhaps the most famous man wearing a smoking jacket. Smoking jackets are usually made of silky or velvety fabrics with colorful and ornate patterns. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to suggest that dressing the cigar smoker means wearing a Hugh Hefner-style smoking jacket to enjoy a good cigar. One can hold more traditional-sized cigars, the other larger size is preferred by many cigar smokers today.

If you're new to the pleasure of smoking cigars as part of your culture and lifestyle, colder weather doesn't have to stop you from enjoying quality cigars. Traditionally, most cigar fans use the classic Cuban guayabera; the large pockets can hold a large amount of cigars. But dressing the cigar smoker so that he looks good for a dinner of steak, drinks, cigars and a good time, I must tell you, earns you the respect of your colleagues. The author Aaron Sigmond, one of the industry's greatest champions, has recently launched SIGARWEAR, a collection of ready-to-wear and a scented candle designed for cigar smokers. When it comes to dressing for cigar smoking occasions, there are several options available for men and women alike.

For men, there's nothing quite like donning an elegant smoking jacket. This timeless piece of clothing has been around for centuries and is still popular today among cigar aficionados who want to look their best while enjoying their favorite pastime. For women who want to look stylish while enjoying their cigars, there are plenty of options as well. From classic blazers and dresses to more modern pieces like jumpsuits and rompers, there's something for everyone when it comes to dressing for cigar smoking occasions. No matter what type of clothing you choose for your next cigar smoking occasion, make sure it's comfortable and allows you to move freely while enjoying your favorite pastime.