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It has been reported that smokers spend at least $2,000 annually for tobacco. The number could rise depending where you live. This is the reason why smokers are looking at vapes as an alternative not just to get better deal on their smoking but to save money as well.

Smokers are realizing that they are spending too much money on something that can kill them. And realizing that fact can lead people to consider quitting tobacco. But it is hard. That is why they turn to electronic cigarettes to quit smoking at the same time get the nicotine. Nicotine is what make smokers addicted to smoking and it is what electronic cigarettes deliver.

Electronic cigarettes are devices that uses battery to vaporize the liquid filled with nicotine. Other than nicotine, the liquid also has propylene glycol, food-grade flavorings and water. This is the reason why most smokers think that vaping is less harmful than tobacco. The absence of the nasty chemicals that are in combustible tobacco are the real difference.

Health officials agree that electronic cigarettes are by far healthier and safer than real cigarettes. Estimates say that electronic cigarettes are 80 to 90 percent healthier and safer than real cigarettes. Tobacco kills more than 400,000 Americans each year. The smoking rate has yet to go down as 40 million Americans still smoke tobacco cigarettes.

Tobacco control has considerably slowed down tobacco use. There are more ex-smokers in America than current smokers. But, there are 3,000 new smokers that get hooked into nicotine each day, said the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The market for these vapers are expanding to height that are unprecedented. The global sales in 2013 grew four times compared to sales records in 2012. Electronic cigarettes have become a global phenomenon and this caused some health advocates to take a look and tell the world that vapes are more than meets the eyes.

The problem with vapes is that the industry is largely unregulated, at least as far as the US market is concerned. There have been bans in other countries and selective availability in some. Just this month, the European Parliament voted to classify extra-strength vapes as medical products at the same time banned the advertising for these types of vapes. Vapes that contain no more than 20mg of nicotine, however, remain to be freely available to the public that is older than 21 years old.

Vaping makers know that their products are not safe. They are safer as far as harm reduction is concerned. The lack of the substantial numbers of studies make it hard for experts to make the judgment call on these new products. One thing is for sure, it can help current smokers to get less of the harm and eventually help them wean towards quitting tobacco.

The lack of regulation opens the door to abuse. Rouge e-juice makers can do whatever they want because the lack of rules allows them to make liquids that are unsafe or to have outrageous amounts of nicotine to get a better foothold of the addicts. This in turn can lead to dire medical or health problems.

Legitimate and known vaping brands are open to regulations. They know that regulation will save the industry and make their products more available and safer to those who need it, the current adult smokers. And regulation can help smokers to save more money as vapes are generally cheaper than their conventional cigarette counterparts.

But the savings that smokers will have to be revisited as some local governments are thinking to impose heavier taxes. Taxes can artificially increase the prices, which can be disastrous in the long run.

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